We believe the fans are, and will always be, the 18th man on any rugby team. They provide that extra boost  when the team need it the most, they’re there through the thick and thin. Players come and go but loyal fans will always remain.


The Journalistic Aim

The aim is to provide young people with a place to break through into Sports Journalism, gain the much needed experience, and create an excellent portfolio piece to move on to bigger and better things – University, a Masters, etc. We want to give something back to the sport. Creating the biggest community and strongest outpost on the internet is something we can achieve, given our combined interests and ability. After developing another sporting magazine, we know what is takes and the formula needed to make a success. This will be a success.



Sports is all about bringing people together – that’s what we aim to do. Bringing together the older, passionate fans who love the sport, with the youngsters that want to forge a career in this area. The younger writers will be given the chance to get editorial experience, perfect for the CV. What also matters is lower-leagues and grass-roots. Where possible, we want to encourage village Rugby League teams to come onboard – to offer them a managed resource, where they can post their clubs news, fixtures, and create a micro-site for any team that wants to have a web-presence. The idea being, the more people know about Rugby League being played in the next town may go and watch a few games, have a new local club, or get involved and play a little sport.


What to expect

This isn’t our full-time jobs. But, we do commit a lot of time to any project we work on. So, we’ve lined up some interviews with some great players in RL, and will look to meet with them in the coming weeks. We have a features from a Mascot which we’re very much looking forward to see developing over the season, as he meets all the Mascots in the Super League. We’re also compiling some away-days information: where to park, to eat, to drink, how to travel, which stand, what to expect. There’s a lot of information you can use to get the most out of an away-day. Most important of all, expect great fan-written content. We have some talented people onboard, and are constantly looking to expand. This is a community project – we want everyone who has a voice and an hour a week spare. There will be fan photos from our photographers, exclusive downloads for mobile and desktop, and there’s a more in the pipeline!


Key Contact

The main person to contact is Ryan, the editor and co-founder of the18thman. He is available through the contact-us form, via twitter @the18thmanuk and through our Facebook page.


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