The 18th Man is a place to do this. With the experience of developing and acting Editor-in-Chief of other large sporting publications, we know how to make it work; how to make it big. It’s not easy to break-through in the sports media market, but we’ve been there, and done it before. Believe us, it’s easier to go there together than to fight up the ladder solo.

Our project aims to become an informal collective of the very best fanzines and supporter’s groups, combined with the knowledge and passion of the every day fan, travelling the width and breadth of the country supporting their teams. Whether it’s through player ratings, match reports, betting previews or some fantastic fan-photography, everyone can contribute something great. We have players who are happy to give a short interview once we have some reporters onboard. We have contributors flooding our inboxes, and we’ve yet to even open the doors and cut the ribbon on our website. We have big ideas; but we only get there together. We can’t do this alone.


So what do we need from you?

Time. An hour a week. Maybe two. Our conditions are very simple, and even the busiest professional can get stuck in to their favorite sport.

The average contributor should:

  • Write one article per week, with a minimum of 5 a month. With our on-board team of editors, we will go through your articles, proof-read, grammar-check, syntax-verify, and take your article up a journalistic notch. The aim is to help bring all writers up to scratch, and help progress your writing.
  • Write clearly, concisely, and have a good knowledge of the English Language. We’re not looking for Broardsheet journalist of yesteryear. It’s not all about crossing the Ts and dotting the Is. Have fun. Have a voice. Have a laugh. Be serious. Be hilarious. Wind up the opposition. Be yourself. if you’re bored writing, chances are, we’ll be bored reading.
  • Push your own stories on twitter. Written a bang-up article? Then show it off! As much as it helps our site-stats for the month, the more people read your article and the more regular you write your column, the more readers and followers you get. Publicise yourself! There’s no shame in writing great sports news for the upcoming site of 2014.


So what can we give you?

  • Experience. Having taken another site from nothing, to the lead site in it’s sporting field in just under 6 months, you’ll be wanting to get onboard early. One of the youngsters who wrote for the site managed to get himself onto the leading Journalism course in the country, owed in no small part to the help we’d given him to progress, and the reputation of a self-built, self-managed, boot-strap budget banging football site we had created. People love start-ups!
  • Guidance. Something that I’ve always offered to the young people who push themselves forward and want to make something of them selves is help. Whether it’s re-writing a CV, talking as their reference, or giving general feedback on their work and progress, everyone needs that helping hand.
  • You’re with US. Let people know that with your custom email account. Whether you want your emails forwarded to your personal account, or if you want to keep a separate webmail, no worries. We’ll hook you up with this seasons latest accessory. For further down the line, business cards are already being priced up at our designer’s trade-printers.


You want in, don’t you?

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